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Data Usage FAQs

Welcome to the FAQs section, where we’ve compiled answers to the questions we frequently encounter. If you require further assistance, our dedicated support team is ready to help at any time. Explore the FAQs below for quick insights into common queries.
How much data does web browsing use?

Web browsing typically uses around 60MB per hour. The exact amount depends on your browsing habits, such as the type of websites you visit.

How much data does videoconferencing use?

Video conferencing usage varies, with platforms like Zoom requiring up to 2.4GB per hour for a group call. Different services may have different data consumption rates.

How much data does video streaming use?

Video streaming usage depends on the quality and service. For example, streaming HD content on Netflix can use up to 7GB per hour.

How much data does Facebook use?

Facebook usage ranges from 120MB to 1GB per hour, depending on activities like scrolling, commenting, or watching videos.

How much data does gaming use?

Online gaming can use from 50MB to 45GB per hour. This varies based on factors like game updates and download speeds.

How much data does renting movies and TV shows use?

Renting movies or TV shows can use from 1.5GB to 3.4GB per hour, depending on the quality of playback.

Is 200GB or 500GB enough data for home internet?

While most providers offer unlimited data, some plans may have caps. For typical usage, a 500GB plan should suffice, but unlimited data plans provide the best value.

Data Usage Guide:

Type of Usage200GB Plan500GB Plan
Video StreamingHD: 2 hrs/day, SD: 8 hrs/dayHD: 4 hrs/day, SD: 16 hrs/day
Music Streaming1 hour per day6 hours per day
Emails50 per day200 per day
Gaming1 hour per day4 hours per day
Social Media2 hours per day4 hours per day
Video ConferencingHD: 1 hr/day, SD: 5 hrs/dayHD: 3 hrs/day, SD: 17 hrs/day
Web Browsing1 hour per day6 hours per day

Note: These estimates are general guidelines and actual usage may vary based on specific activities and preferences.