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Flawless Wireless Connectivity for Unmatched Business Performance

In today’s dynamic landscape, businesses of all sizes, whether operating in-office, adopting a hybrid model, or fully remote, rely on steadfast internet connectivity for their daily operations. Unfortunately, many face challenges such as limited Wi-Fi range within their premises, poor service in remote locations, and other internet-related issues that constrain their business capabilities.

TriFi Wireless steps in to address these critical challenges, ensuring immediate and long-term productivity. Providing fast and reliable internet connections directly correlates with successful customer and client communication, fostering seamless transactions and enhancing overall business capabilities.


Internet-Driven Business Needs Supported by TriFi Wireless:


Navigating the Pitfalls of Downtime

In the realm of primary internet connections, downtime and subpar service can translate into substantial losses in data, time, and productivity. The numbers speak volumes:

Studies Unveil the Impact

Network outages inflict an average cost of $5,600 on businesses every minute.

The average business contends with 14 hours of downtime annually due to internet outages.

Economic Ramifications

Midsize companies shoulder losses exceeding $91,000 per year stemming from internet connection downtime.

Small businesses face annual losses surpassing $55,000.

Insights derived from a survey conducted by CA Technologies. TriFi Wireless stands as a solution to mitigate these challenges, offering a steadfast and uninterrupted internet experience for businesses of all sizes.

Empowering Businesses and Employees with TriFi Solutions:

Wireless Failover

Ensure uninterrupted operations with a reliable failover point, allowing businesses to remain operational regardless of internet disruptions.

Fast and Reliable Wi-Fi

Extend the reach of high-speed Wi-Fi connections across office buildings and areas previously lacking Wi-Fi availability, ensuring fast and reliable connectivity.

Finance Planning

Enable seamless work for mobile and remote teams. TriFi Hotspots intelligently switch between towers, maintaining a consistent connection.